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We Follow a Data-Driven Strategy

To Support You Throughout Retirement 

An In-Depth Look at How We Help Preserve Your Retirement Income

When it comes to preparing for your retirement, we take a measured and proactive approach. We follow the bucket distribution strategy that is designed to manage and preserve your wealth — no matter what happens within the market. With this well-seasoned technique, we aim to help you experience a relaxed and secure retirement.

How We Manage Your Retirement Distributions:

The Bucket Distribution Strategy

Bond Buckets Flowing from Stock to Short Term Bonds

When entering into retirement, you transition from what is known as the accumulation phase to the distribution phase of investing. To do so successfully, we customize your portfolio to balance your assets into 3 buckets based on your income needs:

Bucket 1 is where your paycheck comes from when the market is down and we do not want to sell stocks. It is targeted to outperform cash and provide 5 years of income from low volatility securities.

Bucket 2 is targeted to exceed inflation and protect the purchasing power of assets not required in Bucket 1 or 3. Bucket 2 assets incur greater risk than Bucket 1 but less risk than Bucket 3.

Bucket 3: is the growth engine composed of stocks. It incurs higher risk than Bucket 1 or 2, and it is targeted to replenish Buckets 1 and 2 on a quarterly basis over the duration of your retirement.

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